L.I.F.E and where it has taken me

My name is Michelle Wessel, and my life has been a struggle…a lot of bumps in the road, a few which include: stress, depression, a weak marriage, financial struggle (to say the least) and a battle within myself.

Before being introduced to L.I.F.E I was at the moment of calling it quits in every way possible, death.  Yes, death as in ending a life I have been blessed with but couldn’t see the blessings due to the blinders and constant negative words, energy and people I have surrounded myself with.  I am going to keep this part of it brief because I want to focus on where I am now…

L.I.F.E saved me in many ways…let’s be clear though…I am taking very small steps and have much further to go, but I wanted to first make this clear.  Since welcoming Adam and Nikki Konopka (of K6 Leadership) into my life, I have had an abundance of information at my fingertips from Online information down to Audios and Books I have at home.  The fact that I could reach out more to my Mentors is something I am working on as well…because they have and will always be there for me and I respect them more than I can ever put into words.

Let’s be a bit more specific…

Finances: I have always worked a budget out on a spreadsheet and it always looked really good in black and white…but there was always holes in my work…until getting my hands on the “Financial Fitness” material. I am now able to understand why there were holes…I didn’t plan for the unseen!

Marriage: I have put more burden on my husband than I intended to.  I have listened to Marriage Pack and I am still working on how I handle things…though, my husband and I are able to talk about things more and fight about things less.

Stress, Depression, Inner Battle: I have had many audios and books to help me…I am not able to recall titles and speakers…but I can honestly say they have ALL helped me.  I no longer look for an out [Death]. I look for guidance.  There are a lot of coping mechanisms out there with the information I have been provided and the Mentors I have been blessed to have so I am a work in-progress with a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been taking several baby steps to get me here…and I have stepped backwards a couple of times…but I have never given up on L.I.F.E because that is giving up on my kids, husband and myself, and I am not going to quit, because now…

I have a purpose – help myself, help my family, and help others.

L.I.F.E is saving me, I cannot wait to do the same for others.


Wessel K6 Leadership

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One thought on “Wessel’s Story

  • July 26, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    Powerful testimony, Michelle!

    Looking forward to hearing more of your story as you progress. Thanks so much for sharing.



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