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The story of the creation of K6L, or K6 Leadership, is the latest revelation in a fascinating saga in which the realization of a divine destiny is being declared.

Okay. Now what the heck does THAT mean, you might be asking.

There once was a young man, raised in an average American home, who grew very discontent with what he would later learn to be known as “The Status Quo.”

Immediately after High School, he left everything he knew and loved for the military. When asked why, he would say, “I don’t know. I just have to do something different.”

After a couple years of working the regular “9-5” as a nurse, he grew extremely discontent once again. By this time he had gotten married, shortly after that they had their first child, all the while this young man, who “had a great job” with “great pay” was dying inside as he lived someone else’s “status quo” life.

The next several years were blindly devoured through the abuse of stolen prescription pills, extra-marital affairs, intra-venous drug use, and a general disregard for anything and everything he once held dear.

This once-promising young man now lay in ruins amidst a shattered and ended marriage, a second child with whom he did not associate, and a family who wondered at what point the funeral would come in order to acknowledge a stellar performance in self-loathing and self-destruction. Not to mention the repossession of his motorcycle, the foreclosure of his suburban home, and the accumulation of nearly $50,000 in consumer & borrowed-from-family debt, much of which was in default.

All this is reality, or should I say history.  For it was finished as that young man barely entered his late-twenties. Or maybe it should be said that the active pursuit of the downward spiral was finished. Only in Hollywood, fantasies, and late-night infomercials are instant fixes found. That’s because they don’t exist. Actually, it took several years of hard work, sacrifice, and very uncomfortable decisions to clean up the mess. And truthfully, without God’s grace it would not have been possible in the slightest.

Today, he is completely clean and sober. He is debt-free. He is a crazy-in-love husband to his bride of over ten years (the divorced wife in the story), an involved and fiercely devoted dad of four rascal children, a loyal teammate to his partners in a community-building venture, a paid-for consultant, and an overall LOVER OF LIFE and second chances for ALL who have the guts to pursue them.

He has played a part in and/or setup several different avenues to help people, individuals and corporations, pull from within themselves real power. It’s a power which he found within himself through the love and guidance of very special people. K6L is one of those avenues.

In the Summer of 2012, he will be “retiring” from the job world to be a full-time, stay-at-home husband & dad, and inter-dependent entrepreneur serving as many people as will let him. 

Simply put, he has put his entire reputation, character, and word on giving to as many as possible that which has been given to him…LIFE, a real, fulfilled life.

K6L is all about CHANGING LIVES.

We Empower. We Equip.  We Love.

K6L Welcomes You!


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 A Story...