Oh, Sleep

Oh, Sleep
 Where hath thou gone
 You used to know me, and I you
 Now you elude me like the rising heat ascending from the scorching street
 Just as I approach to bring you within grasp, you vanish and again I gasp
 Will ever I know you once again as I once have
 Before the toils of darkness which have accompanied me as of late have invaded so intimately
 It is no longer the physical comforts which I lack
 Only the peace of mind I pray to get back
 So why is it I can barely doze
 You used to embrace me in the sweetness of your bosom
 And if on occasion you mercifully hold me tight as you sometimes do
 Why do you release me so very soon
 How rarely you remain till dawn
 Yet again on this eve I am left to only yawn
 For tonight, once again, you only tease
 Please return...please
 I miss you terribly

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  1. Oh how scary is the thinking of Men these days, do they serve? Do they Love? Do they know what they have been created for? As a blinded bat at night, those whom are Not in this catgory must seek out the wisdom flying round ready to be used.

    Influence through inspiring, even when they kick you down. Fly into the world with your sences fully alive, understanding every second is important in the compounding process of being different, thinking different Loving Different.

    “All thats Lost will be restored” “Dont Loose heart to the faith we bring” JG

    White Owl

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