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Thousands descend on the capital grounds of the state of Michigan at the Lansing Center to see international leadership coaches and experts, Tim & Amy Marks.  The crowd was electric. A truly heroic story of epic proportions is that of the Marks’. Born and raised in small-town Michigan, Tim & Amy have overcome highly unlikely odds to rise to a level of success rarely seen by anyone.

The excitement couldn’t be contained and was overflowing by the time the first session began with Tim teaching about the importance and power of personal leadership.

Tim & Amy also shared their story of dream, struggle, victory and inspired the crowd to raise their personal game and rid themselves of limiting beliefs and excuses. 15 years ago their marriage was all but destroyed, their debt was astronomical (over 7 figures) and Tim struggled with alcoholism.

Having graduated high school with a GPA of 1.8 and only after attending summer school classes, Tim has become a massive inspiration for tens of thousands with his fierce work ethic, servant leadership attitude and never quit mentality.

Takeaways from Tim:

1st part of leadership = LEAD! DO something

>>>Find something that stirs your soul, ignites your passion or drives you crazy whenever you see/hear about it.

How to Lead:

~~Have an Objective
~~Have a positive “can-do” attitude – this is more than merely being positive. This includes an element of Being Proactive.
~~Have a Plan (and a way to measure results as you go).

And the most important takeaway piece of the 1st session… For real change in your results you must WANT IT!!

After such a dismal start, Tim decided personal growth was not an option if he was going to live the life God had planned for him and his family. Since embarking on that journey years ago, Tim has gone on – under the mentorship of Orrin Woodward to become a New York Times Best-Selling author with his widely popular behavior and mental transformation books.

Tim & Amy Marks successfully raise their four kids, lead their organization and serve their family, friends and church in south Florida.

Here’s an awesome snippet of Tim at work explaining a few secrets that you will be able to use in your life immediately – I promise!  (Oh yeah, you’ll laugh too)

See Tim’s website and blog here

God Bless!


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  • August 11, 2014 at 8:29 am

    I truly Love LIFE Leadership events. The knowledge shared at just 1 event is priceless. Thanks for sharing my brother!!!


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