Crazy Hot Sex, TONIGHT!


(As you read this intro, think “infomercial guy”)

Guys, are you tired of not getting the respect you deserve?!
Ladies, are you sick of never being listened to?!
Has your love-life hit the skids???!!!
Well, have we got a solution for YOU!!!

Okay, in all seriousness, are things getting a little…routine? Boring? NON-EXISTENT?

There are some small tweaks you can make that will improve INTRAmarital activities TODAY, if you wisely apply.salsa couple Crazy Hot Sex, TONIGHT!

These suggestions obviously do not comprise an exhaustive list on the topic, but nonetheless are very powerful, again, if genuinely used for the betterment of your marriage.

Here we go…


  • Do the dishes.

  • At random times, walk by and kiss her cheek as you gently grab her shoulders (NON-sexually).

  • Sit down next to her doing NOTHING else at all, look her in the eyes and genuinely ask about her day. And LISTEN! AND don’t even THINK about offering advice to fix all her “issues,” SHE DOESN’T CARE. Simply put: Just spend time with her.


  • Tell him how much of a rock-star he is a couple times in a couple different ways, seriously, TELL him. USE WORDS.

  • Get him that sweet new fishing lure he’s been eyeing whenever you go to Wal-Mart lately (but not while you’re at the store together, hand it to him when he comes home from a long day of work).

  • Clean the bedroom. Yeah, I said it.

You may have heard things like this before. Maybe not. Either way, this stuff is the stuff that hot, fun, sexy marriages that flourish are largely made of. Like it or not.

I can promise you this: begin incorporating these actions into your everyday life and watch your sex-life, as well as your whole marriage begin to soar. Doubt it? Try it and see. You’re welcome, in advance.

See, according to Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, there are 5 main ways through which we all “speak” our love, affection, and care.

More often than not, we don’t naturally speak the same primary “love language” as our spouse. No wonder so much disconnect exists in nearly ALL marriages.

Can you imagine a conversation with someone who only spoke Bamanankan while you attempted to communicate in English?


Well, if you love by doing and he loves by telling, it can lead to all sorts of frustrations of which you have no clue why they exist just that they do.

Then things like this end up being said or thought, “he never listens” or “she doesn’t appreciate me.”

And I don’t need to get into where all that can lead.

Bottom line: you’re speaking two different languages trying to navigate the crazy journey that is marriage. And that’s just silly.

No wonder it “seems so hard.” It is. But it doesn’t have to be.

So, think about these ideas if you care about your marriage, as I’m sure you do (you wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t).

And be sure to check out Chapman’s book. We did. It kinda helped icon wink Crazy Hot Sex, TONIGHT!






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 Crazy Hot Sex, TONIGHT!


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  1. This is spot on bro! I have over 22 years of successful
    Marriage and 29 years in the same relationship, and th 5 love languages was a great book. This book is that vital! We need more successful marriages to raise our chdren into young MEN and LADIES and turn this country and, may I be so bold, world back into what it should be. K6 has simply done it again!!! Read the book and hold on… It’s going to be great!!!!!!!

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