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My name is Adam and K6 Leadership is the birth of a dream.

I’m glad that you’re at least a little curious about who’s “behind the veil”.

I thought about writing this short bio from the third person to sound really important like some of the people I read about. I found myself writing things like, ” ‘He’ chased ‘his’ dream..” and “Adam believes in you!”, but I couldn’t get past the ridiculous feeling I had. You know that feeling of being fake? Well, of course, you don’t.

Maybe one day I’ll be important enough that I’ll hire someone who doesn’t know me to write all about me so I can appear more impressive ūüėČ

For now, you’re stuck with me just writing to you. And oh, if you’re going to be around me any length of time, relax… and be okay with laughing.

I am an impassioned student of the topic of successful living.  Success, of course, is defined differently for everyone (I really believe that).

For me personally, it is living fully in line with my God-given purpose, desires & gifts. K6 Leadership exists to help others do the same.

We are definitely for anyone but¬†we are not for everyone. And neither are you. When I learned to be okay with that, my life changed. As a wise man once said, “We are for whom we’re for!”

I’ve lived in 9 states, 3 countries, & visited many places around the world.

I’ve¬†been personally coached from debt, drug abuse & divorce to debt-free, healthy & familial success.

I help people break through limiting beliefs and achieve anything they have their sights set on achieving.

I live to share the life-changing information that revolutionized my life just a handful of years ago.

I am known by those around me and those who have encountered me for a moment that I exude an enthusiasm that only someone who has been to the depths of despair and risen back up can. I have not done it alone.

Professionally, I consult and lead workshops for small business owners, executives, real estate agents/brokers, independent sales reps of various industries, book manufacturers, schools and others.

My true passion is helping others live in line with their potential and win in life.

I currently coach dozens of people on raising their performance and achieving more. In the process, I am coached as well.

I also have several mentors. Without them I’d be in serious trouble! I absolutely love¬†to personally engage people from all walks of life and it shows through my conviction and belief in my mission.

I began my career life as a nurse and continued on that path for a decade when I realized something was missing.¬†I just knew deep down inside that,¬†for me¬†and my family, life could be so much more than simply “going to work” to collect a paycheck to pay bills.

That is when I knew it was time to hang up the scrubs and serve others on a much grander scale.

In addition to my career in nursing, I have served faithfully in the United States Army, which included a tour to Afghanistan.

I believe strongly in the power of personal and professional development because of what I have experienced personally in my life and witnessed in the lives of others who have refused to settle for mediocrity.

I extend this passion to everyone I meet.

Currently, I mentor with New York Times best-selling author and Top 20 leadership expert in the world, according to Inc. Magazine, Orrin Woodward, as well as hundreds of others through their legacies in books.

I have completed one e-book and I’m in the process of writing my first print book encapsulating the journey of chasing down your heart’s dreams and desires, what that really takes from my point of view.

I have made a lifestyle of continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence in all areas of life. I am not where I should be, I am not where I want to be, but thank God… I am not where I used to be!

K6 Leadership is proudly partnered with LIFE Leadership, a personal & professional development company dedicated to improving lives of people in all conditions around the world.

Of all the companies we could have chosen to put our name behind, we chose them because of the life-altering effect the leadership of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, their wives and others has had on our own life.

I am always in search of great people to collaborate with to change the world for the better.

I currently reside in the state of Florida with my super-woman of a bride of 14 years and our four awesome kids.

And remember, water the grass where you’re planted because that is where the grass is greener. And if you don’t like the view… change it!

Here’s To Your Purpose!





Reach out any time – 786.877.9494


–Christmas 2014


Meet K6, L to R: Me, Gracen, Gavin, Nikki (The Kueen), Gage, & Adasyn.






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